Call for Papers

Australian Linguistic Society: Instructions for reviewers

Read these instructions through BEFORE carrying out Part 1.  You may find it helpful to copy and paste them to another document -  to refer to as you go through the process.

*Part 1: Go to the Conference Website*

If you are already logged in, click "User home" at the top of the page, and ignore Part 2.  Go to Part 3.

If you are not logged in, then go to:

*Part 2: User Name and Password*

Look on the right-hand side of the page to see where to supply your User Name and Password.

If you have already set up an account for this conference, and therefore created a User Name and Password, complete those details and click on Log In under the password. [NOTE: Do NOT click on  “Log in” in the banner across the top; this is ONLY for people who have lost their passwords or need to create a new account].

If you have not accessed the system before, as a designated Reviewer you will have been allocated a User Name and Password. You should have received a message notifying you of these.

If you experience problems, please check carefully that you've entered your Username and Password correctly. If the problem persists,  quit out of the browser altogether. Start afresh with  Some people may find it helps to use a different browser (e.g. changing from Firefox to Safari).

If you have forgotten your password, request a change via this page

If none of the above work , please e-mail and outline your difficulty.

*Part 3: Accessing the Review System*

Once you've logged in, you'll find yourself on the User Home page. There you'll see one or more conferences listed, and your roles in them.  This  page is available from the banner at the top of the page.

Click on Reviewer for the conference for which your review has been requested. This will take you to the list of abstract titles you're being asked to review.

*Part 4: Reviewing the Abstract*

Click on the abstract title. A window devoted to that particular submission will open up.

Scroll down to Review Steps.

Step 1: click on "will do the review" OR "unable to do the review". A form letter to the convenors of this strand/conference track will appear. You can send the letter as it stands or modify it as you wish.

If you've accepted to do the review, we recommend you continue on and complete this review:

Step 2: the guidelines will re-appear in Step 4 (so skip over them here)

Step 3: if you wish to re-read the abstract, it is at the top of this page. However, when you move to Step 4, you will not be able to see this page. The abstract is also at the bottom of the message you received requesting this review. We suggest you keep a copy of the abstract open on your desktop.

Step 4: click on the Review Form icon. The Review Form will appear. Please complete it. All questions with * beside them must be answered or you will get an error message. When you click on Save, you'll return to the Review Steps page. [WARNING very rarely some browsers stick at this stage, but the review appears to be saved in draft form.  If you just get a white screen, quit your browser, and try again.  If that fails, email your abstract to als.2011 @]

Step 5: please ignore this step.

Step 6 Final Recommendation:

Choose Accept Submission if you have chosen any of the "accept" options on the Review Form.

Choose Decline Submission if you have chosen the "reject" option on the Review Form.

If you are reviewing an ALAA-ALANZ submission and believe it should be considered by ALS, choose Submit Elsewhere.

If you are reviewing an ALAA-ALANZ submission and believe it should be considered for another strand/conference track, choose Submit Elsewhere.

If you are reviewing an ALS submission and believe it should be considered for ALAA-ALANZ, choose Submit Elsewhere.

If you are reviewing an ALS submission for a workshop and believe it should be considered for general papers or another workshop, choose Submit Elsewhere.


When you have made your recommendation, click on the "Submit Review to Director" button.

*Part 5: Sending Your Recommendation to the Track Director*

A form email will appear.

IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL, please select the option that matches the recommendation you made on the Review Form and delete the other options.

 If you have clicked on Submit Elsewhere, please say which conference or workshop should consider this submission.

At the end of the form letter,  add any other comments that you'd like to go to the Track Directors.

The Review Process is now complete. Thank you!!

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Author Guidelines

As an author, you have created an account as an AUTHOR which allowed you to submit abstracts, and to review them and resubmit if necessary.

Abstracts will be blind-reviewed by at least two independent experts selected by the ALS Program Committee.

Note that only ALS members are eligible to present at an ALS conference.  Non-members presenting papers will take up a year’s membership by the beginning of the conference. Membership information is available here

Papers and posters:

Papers: 30 minute timeslot, consisting of a 20 minute lecture-style presentation followed by 10 minutes for questions/responses. 

Posters: consist of display of material on a poster. Posters will be displayed throughout the conference.  Your poster should be no more than two A1 sheets and should be planned to include opportunities to discuss the material with interested individuals.

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Submissions for this conference were closed on 2011-10-20.